The first of many papers that I will write this semester. This one made my professor laugh…hope you like it.

Diagnostic Paper

            I have already been to a Bible college once, Baptist Bible College in Springfield, M.O. When I first went there I had a completely different, and probably unrealistic expectations. Now that I have been in a little while I know kind of what I should expect. What my expectations are is to be filled with head knowledge of the gospel and put that to use in who knows what way.

            When I first started going to BBC I was just a kid. I thought I knew everything about the Bible and would hardly take advice from anyone else, including the people I looked up to most. Today it is greatly opposite! Now I have this hunger to learn more, and the more I do learn, it feels like the less I know. But, there is one thing that I have learned, if you do not get out of your little bubble of friends you will never make an impact on the world around you.

            I came into the Bible college life expecting the school to teach me certain ways to do things. Almost like a sure fire way to build community with outsiders, and get them into churches. But, the school couldn’t teach these things, because they have to be learned by experiencing them for yourself. You need to get out into the world and find some friends that don’t love Jesus. Eventually you will build relationships with them and start to really care about them. I recently read an article on Relevant.com that was titled ‘Christians called to party?’ What the article was talking about was throwing a get together for people in your neighborhood or co-workers so you could build community with them. Let’s be honest, do you think people are more likely to listen to a complete stranger, or one of their friends they know and trust?

            I soon got into a bubble of friends that hung-out together, went to class together, and even went to church together. What was I doing, who was I reaching? Once I realized that all my friends where homeschooled, anti-everything nerd-virgins, and that I was loosing my connection with everyone who needed the gospel, I had to get out! So, I got a job at a local Pizza Hut, where I met some of the most interesting people ever.

            Once I got into people’s lives I started making an impact that I would not have other wise. I wish I had a great story about how some of them saw what I was telling them and turned to Jesus, but I don’t. What I did do is get some of them to re-think the things they where doing, and hopefully, give them a new perspective of what a Christian should be.

            All of that to say that my expectation for college is to get a firm understanding of the Bible and how Jesus lived his life, and to exult in His name. “I will praise the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.” (Psalm 146: 2 ESV)

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